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IBR Institute of International Business Relations signifies executive management education "made in Germany". We coach and mentor our clients in planting and growing their businesses, business units and careers. In doing so, we uncover the secret to the entrepreneurial and management success of the German economy.

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IBR Institute of International Business Relations

"Since its inception, IBR has been at the forefront of reinventing and rethinking the traditional MBA", Dr Andreas Kelling, Director of IBR, points out.

Global MBA

IBR innovates management education with the most effective learning design, evidenced by the Global MBA. How?

Vision and Mission

IBR's vision is to be a truly global university, which addresses today's most burning needs and witnesses how our students change the world. Our mission keeps us inspired.

IBR History

IBR's history is a best practice example of German craftsmanship, global entrepreneurship and exporting, what the world considers to be "made in Germany".

Our academic team

IBR is about people, from around the world, with extraordinary management experience and a great passion for our Global MBA students.

Motivation for enrollment

As valued customers, our students are proud of having opted for the Global MBA instead of traditional alternatives at the time of enrollment. Why?

Embracing the future in practical learning

Our Global MBA students experience practical learning unseen in traditional MBAs. How?

Best practice for a global learning experience

The accreditor FIBAA says: "Internationality is clearly the dominant key element of Global MBA's profile".


The IBR Global MBA has been accredited by the Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation FIBAA) since 1999.

Trinity International University

Trinity International University (TIU) is headquartered in the Chicago area with branches in Florida and California. TIU alumni work around the world. Among notable alumni is the current and 6th President of Malawi Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

"The IBR study approach has completely changed my opinion about education, so much so that I decided to change my career, switching from business to academia"
Ganna Demydyuk, Business Consultant at Benefit Group, Berlin, Germany